Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion!


Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion!


Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion!

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martedì 21 luglio 2015

GOATCHRIST: Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion

Occult Society Promotion is pleased to announce that Goatchrist, a british talented blackened death metal band entered the Italian agency roster.
After their last work "The Epic Tragedy of the Cult of Enlil", released some months ago, the band is working on their first full-lenght.
The music of Goatchirst is raw but evocative, reflecting the anti-cosmic luciferian/occults lyrics.

Here some news about the Goatchirst closest releases:

"Whilst the mini-concept of 17th century Luciferian rites will still be the centrepiece of our three tracks for the Angmaer split, I do not feel this topic is significant enough to the ideological views of Goatchrist as a band to be featured on our debut album.
The album will be a fierce and uncensored series of allegorical stories chronicling the key tenets and ideologies of the Order of the Nine Angles: a philosophy created in Britain and derived from Pagan and Nietzschean views, and the philosophy which created Goatchrist."

"The Great Battle at the Ruins of Ninurta's Temple":

Goatchrist Facebook page:

mercoledì 1 luglio 2015

UPON GRAVES: Line-up change, the band enters in the studio‏

The american Black/Death Metal band Upon Graves has announced the new line-up:
Daniel Pena (Ickis, Cranial Impalement)  and Andrew Guthrie (Ex-Monstrosity, Flesh Consumed, Goat With A Thousand Young)  are, respectively, the new vocalist and the new bassist of the band.

The new line-up will enter the studio for the pre-production of the upcoming album.

"Morning Star":

venerdì 5 giugno 2015

SATHAMEL: Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion

Occult Society Promotion is pleased to announce that Sathamael, a british talented Blackened Death Metal band entered the Italian agency roster. 
The latest work, a self-titled EP, was released in early 2015, demonstrating the
quality of a band already mature and aware of what they do.

" 'Sathamel' is a six tracks-EP of thick and cold blackened death metal.
Delve yourselve into the void and let torment your soul. "

"Venus, Morning Star":

Sathamel Facebook page:

lunedì 4 maggio 2015

SARPENTRA: Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion

Occult Society Promotion is proud to announce that Sarpentra, a very talented Death Metal band, enters the agency's roster. Despite being their first release, the Russian combo Sarpentra, owns great playing skills, proving their musical and lyrical maturity and professionality.

"This is not simple music! 11 tracks of pure magic that will drive you in the illusionary void of nothingness.This album is a crucible of death metal riffs and Egyptian atmospheres, where technical riffs are perfectly melted with symphonic and ancient rythms. A solid bass sound and a penetrating Nergal style voice put this album directly on my top 10 albums of the year.
Highly recommended for fans of Melechesh and Behemoth in the first place."

"The War Anthem":

Sarpentra Facebook page:

Official website:

lunedì 20 aprile 2015

TRIVAX: Entering the roster of Occult Society Promotion

The former iranian (now UK based) occult Death/Black Metal band Trivax enters the roster of
the Italian promotional agency Occult Society Promotion. The last effort of the band dates back to 2014,  the EP is entitled "The World is Dead"; here is a little comment about it:

"Musically they delivers a good quantity and quality of guitar riffs, especially in
the "Wormwood" track, beautiful solos, and an a very powerful bass sound.
Slink away the mortal soil and dive into the deepest abyss of the underworld.
The EP is dedicated to Selim Lemouchi, may you Rest in Chaos Brother!
HIGHLY RECOMMENDED for every soul out there"

"Wormwood" streaming:

Trivax Facebook page:

lunedì 30 marzo 2015


The american band Upon Graves, dedicated to a Black Metal with swedish influences, enters the roster of the newborn italian promotional agency 
Occult Society Promotion.

A lyrics video for the song "Morning Star", taken from the debut album "Ravenous Choas" (available for free download at: https://upongraves.bandcamp.com/),
has been uploaded to the Occult Society Promotion Youtube channel (https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCNe1o0Ok6L1H_MNK6SsbVqA)

Upon Graves plays a sulphurous black metal with a very dark and gloomy atmosphere: check it out if you're a fan of the swedish black metal current!

"Morning Star" lyrics video:

Upon Graves Official Facebook page: